Aims and Objectives

Build and foster solidarity among diverse community groups, encouraging people to visit each other, share cultural practice, compare and contrast ways of being and doing through sharing identity to affirm what it means to be a citizen of Australia.

Learn governance strategies while creating and applying their own governance structure.

CLN will mobilize hard to reach groups as a conduit to encouraging civic participation.

Become an independent advisory group that Council departments can approach for consultations and information.

Be a point of contact for the dissemination of information.

Be a forum for collaboration, problem solving, networking, information sharing, and referring members to appropriate services.

The CLN forum may explore roles and values of leadership and contributing factors offering extra support and resources relating to the topic of leadership.

Establish partnerships with organizations that have mentoring programs for leaders and in particular young emerging leaders working with seniors.

Encourage participation by diverse community organizations.

Facilitate tolerance, sharing of cultural values, to learn the value of cultural leadership.