Session One Introduction to Leadership

Community Leadership Development Program 2018

“You are now a community leader”
Facilitator: Glen Wall
Presentation Team: George Massouras, Kellie Massouras and Joe Felice
Date: 7th July 2018

Principles of Community Leadership
Introduction to the principles of Leadership
Application of Leadership principles to effectively lead a community group
Establish effective connection with community members to active planned outcomes
Positive Energy /Passion!
Proactive/Can Do!
Delegate/Share the Work Trust!
Be Approachable/Be Present Listen!
Do what you expect of others/Share Expectations, Pull your Weight!
Be Accountable/The Buck stops here!
Be Decisive/Make the Decision!

Identifying Community Connectors
Communication Skills
Developing New Community Groups
Establishment of Activities/ Programs
Committee Member Skill Development
Understanding of Rights and Opportunities
Mapping your Group Assets
Mapping Stakeholders
Mapping Existing Services
Building Positive Profiles
Event Planning and Management

Building A Team
Conflict in Teams
Decision making Arrangements
Setting the Rules
Directing Energy into Outcomes
Building a Positive Profile
Build Negativity
Understand Governance Needs
Establish a Code of Conduct
Give Clear Roles and Expectations
Define the Vision, Missions and Values
Understand who the Group is there for?
Not the Committee
For the Members


Aldo Vicentic

Vice President of CL Network Victoria Inc.

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