Women’s Health Workshops

April 2018.

Women’s Health Workshops

Presented by Doctor Naomi who works at Northern/Epping Hospital

The session starts at 10am and finishes at 12 noon

These two sessions at Epping Community Services Hub, 713 High Street Epping.

If you require assistance to fill in the form please contact me

If you would like an interpreter please let me know


SESSION : 23 April 2018

WOMEN’S HEALTH – Protective or Prevention Health Care

  • Discussion regarding examinations, health checking to help women stay healthier
  • Explaining why vaccines and immunizations, what are physical health checks for women, etc.


If you want to attend this workshop:

  • please fill in the attached registration form
  • If you require childcare we can attempt to manage this
  • If you require an interpreter please let us know when you register
  • post in the stamped envelope to send back so you are registered
  • You will be contacted if you are able to get a place in the workshop
  • Applications need to be returned by 19 April 3pm if interpreter is required otherwise women can join in on 23 April at 10am.


There are only 12 places in each workshop.

For further information please phone Karen Hagen, 0477704642, during business hours.

Aldo Vicentic

Vice President of CL Network Victoria Inc.

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