Membership Renewals For the 2018 Financial Year are due July 1st

Please find attached the 2018 Community Leadership Network Victoria Inc.

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Membership renewals for the 2018 Financial Year are due as of July 1st 2018.

Cost of Annual Membership is $25 for Organizations or $10 for individuals

There is no joining fee only an annual subscription as listed above.

What is Community Leadership Network Vic.Inc.

 CLN Vic is a Community based, member driven organisation which was established as a partnership between the Community and The City of Whittlesea. 

Its objective is to help communities to grow and to connect with each other.

It also acts as a representative body for multi-cultural communities with-in the City Of Whittlesea. 

CLN Vic’s mission is to build strong and diverse communities through Leadership & Partnership.

Why be a member of CLN Vic Inc

CLN is an organisation which assists member communities in developing, mentoring leaders and providing training in the basis of good governance procedures for clubs & organisations.

CLN is committed to helping to build the capacity of our members from new and emerging communities and will assist them in developing policies on a wide range of issues to streamline the operating of their organisation.

CLN acts as an independent advisory body and link between its Member Communities and Council departments for the benefit of the Member Communities.

CLN is committed to assisting with the integration of diverse emerging communities into the broader Community; in line with this it facilitates a monthly Emerging Community Profile Evening at City Hall which Member Organisations are able to participate in. Giving their community excellent exposure to the broader community members.

Members are invited to the monthly CLN Community Profile Evenings at City Of Whittlesea Civic Centre, which include a free meal.

Member organisation representatives or individual members can attend the annual 6 week CLN Leadership Program designed to train future potential committee members in all aspects of professionally managing a club or an organisation in line with the requirements of Victorian Consumer Affairs.

Member Organisations and Individuals have access to the CLN Website & Facebook Site.

As you can see there are numerous benefits to being a member of CLN which benefit organisations or individuals alike at a very reasonable cost.


Joe Felice

President- Community Leadership Network Vic. Inc