What is CLN

What do we tell people when they ask us what is CLN?


It is to build up knowledge and fill the gap between the communities and groups.

To make unity.

To help communities to grow to be a bridge to connect communities and bring them together.

To give communities a voice and to be their voice.

To give them knowledge to help communities develop confidence.

CLN is a leadership organization advising communities how to develop leadership, how to apply for grants, inaugurate meetings.

Also, the CLN can advise how to develop the group and the community.

It integrates community groups into the community.

It helps me build knowledge about how to run my own group.

I’m proud that I’m in a group representing nationalities, which is able to help the community not just in my own group but in general.

CLN gives opportunity to people willing to be in service to their community.

An organization that has resources that supports leaders of community groups upgrade their leadership skills and facilitates community connections among the wider community.

It builds a bank of resources that supports the development, of communities to effectively connect with each other and have access to resources.